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P20 Method - Trainer

Our unique approach takes all the guess work out of delivering World-Class EMS experiences.

Your Personal Trainers will be prepared.

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Personal20 Micro Business

The P20 Trainers go through 3 Levels of education on their own journey to becoming World-Class:

1. Pre-requisite – the training is only available to participants with a Personal Training Certification.

2. All trainers must get the basic manufactures certification that is included with the purchase of the device.

3. The P20 Method Trainers pass 2 levels, ultimately achieving the Premium Level and being listed on our Trainers Directory.


A premier EMS training system for

Owners, their Trainers and their Clients

Personal20 Micro Business
Personal20 Micro Business



Training System

Personal20 - Richard Branson

Each week they receive an updated P20 Method program with over 50 videos that include continuing education, exercise explanation, and visualization of each exercise in the progression, regression, and modification formats.

Each week they receive an updated P20 Method program with over 50 videos that include continuing education, exercise explanation, and visualization of each exercise in the progression, regression, and modification formats.


Why become an EMS Specialized Trainer

with the P20 Method?

P20 Method - Trainer

Safe & Effective:

With years of practical experiences in combination with scientific research, our P20 Method, with proper implementation, ensures responsible training.

New Weekly Programming:

Keep clients engaged and inspired with a unique program to study each week and prepare to customize for each client’s objectives.

Deliver Scientifically Proven Trainings:

The P20 Method programs are rigorously researched and tested to ensure deliverable results.

Digitally Friendly:

The P20 Method has an on-line on-boarding process to prepare Personal Trainers for hands-on practical learning. And a user friendly app to have the Weekly Program available on one’s phone or tablet. Easy weekly preparation to best service each client.


A structured program

across all EMS devices

P20 Method - Trainer

Trainers get access to an online digital platform. They receive initial training preparation via manual, videos and quizzes.

Personal20 Micro Business

Everything a P20 Trainer needs to customize the training for each clients goals.

Personal20 - Richard Branson



Hear what P20 Trainers say about the P20 Method

After reading the manual…when you watch the videos it brings everything together…

Christophe, Premium P20 Trainer, USA

We can modify the template…. It standardizes… and allows us to control our quality of service.

Astrid, Premium P20 Trainer, USA

My team will be so much better… And share their experiences… for more teamwork…

Mariana, Studio Manager & Lead P20 Trainer, Abu Dhabi


Help your clients fall IN LOVE

with EMS results

P20 Method Studio

Harisha’s Experience:

“While my favorite trainer was out for a month, I decided to do a mini-tour of the Personal20 trainers doing a session with each trainer. In addition to discovering that they are all equally demanding and supportive, I also discovered their consistency in excellence. This is another great thing about Personal20, that both the level of training and the challenge of the session do not change from trainer-to-trainer or week-to-week.”

Steve’s Experience:


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The EMS experience was really great. I did indeed feel the results the next day and for three days after. What was interesting was the focal areas of muscle ache were greatest in the location of the e-stim pad placement. For example, I felt my left bicep muscle for a good week. I also felt the focal areas soreness in my quads as opposed to the full muscle ache one gets after lunges or squats etc.

I don’t think this is a bad thing, only feedback on the feeling of the experience that can help your people educate clients on what they may experience and not to be alarmed about it. Some people panic very quickly with every little ache and pain and assume it is “bad”. If they are educated beforehand that they MAY feel some target specific aches in the area of the pad placement, they will accept it as normal and no big deal.

I must say, the experience was very stimulating for me…..no pun intended. I could easily become addicted to the challenge, the results and the amazing feeling of muscle tone afterward. I really loved it.

Dr. Andrew P. Hatch, DC, MBA, PhDc - CEO - Global Wellness


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